Our Values

We do more than required by the rules.

Established in 1996, CANOR INTERNATIONAL Kft. believes it to be evident that all companies or persons conducting businesses are responsible for the social environment in which they operate. Companies can play a significant role in facilitating sustainable development, energy consciousness and alleviating social problems.

In carrying out our operations, we do our best to protect the natural environment, to ensure healthy working conditions and to maintain the safety of the facilities which we have planned or implemented. We do more than required by the rules: our proactive approach reflects our ongoing commitment to these values. Based on our extensive experience, we work to ensure that we can all live in a healthier, safer and more secure world.

We stand committed to fair competition. We deliberately remain uninvolved in politics and we disapprove of putting unfair pressure on decision makers. We are sure, as it has been proven from time to time, that our services can deservedly earn the trust of our customers in a competitive environment. Our international recognition is due to the fact that we have always stood by our corporate values and will continue to do so in the future. Nothing can be more important for us than these values in the long run.